At Cannon Metering our goal is to support the conservation of our natural resources through equitable means. When individuals and entities are made fiscally accountable for their own consumption of utilities, there is an inherent shift towards conservation that occurs. By partnering with the best service providers and the industry leaders in metering technology, we are able to offer our clients a clear path to help achieve their conservation and/or revenue goals.

Whether you are in the market to replace an outdated metering system, install a new system or simply learn about the options, we can help.

A message from our Managing Partner:

Cannon Metering specializes in designing and implementing submetering solutions across a wide range of applications. Whether your goal is to measure water, electricity, or gas as part of a plan to reduce your environmental footprint, recover revenue for your property, or both, we are experts at crafting a plan to fit your needs. The best way to accomplish either goal is to accurately measure your property’s water and energy use on a granular level.   

There are many types of meters and wireless data gathering systems available on the market. So many, that it is difficult for the average person to determine which product fits your needs, comes with a reputation for quality, and doesn’t break the bank.   

This is where Cannon Metering comes in. We are constantly following the marketplace to source the most advanced systems and negotiate the best prices for our clients. With decades of experience on our staff and a nationwide network of certified installers, we can offer solutions for almost any application. 

We offer turnkey solutions in which we guide our clients through the entire process, from specifying the correct product, to implementing the installation, and ensuring the data gets to the right system to be utilized properly. Or, if you already know what you need, we can negotiate bulk pricing for metering systems so your teams can implement on projects and take advantage of volume pricing. Either way, Cannon Metering is here to help.

Chris Stimac Cannon Metering

Chris Stimac

Managing Partner, Cannon Metering

A message from our Founder:

I started Cannon Metering after 15+ years as a leader in the submetering industry. Over that time, my teams have been responsible for the successful installation and maintenance of hundreds of thousands of meters, and many more data points managed. During this time frame I experienced a wide range of system types installed by various companies, ranging in quality from excellent to egregious.

I’ve seen proprietary systems requiring expensive tools, software or training. I’ve seen systems so poor in quality that the upfront investment was a total loss for the client. I’ve seen hidden costs and long term contracts that tie clients to inferior products which do not meet their needs.

Having seen so many different types of successes and failures, I decided to start Cannon Metering to help raise the bar in our industry. I believe our clients, large or small, deserve metering options geared towards longevity, supportability and cost effectiveness.

Our commitment is to help you find the right solution for your submetering application. Whether this involves selling or installing meters, consulting on your project or simply having a conversation to help you make the decision; we are more than happy to help in any way we can.

We appreciate the opportunity to help and earn your business.

Jeramy Cannon headshot

Jeramy Cannon

Founder, Cannon Metering