Package 2 - Self Install

(typical installation of 3/4" cold water meters)

This is the most economical package, intended for clients who are already familiar with submetering and confident in their own personnel installing the product.  This package works similarly to Package 1, but without any onsite guidance from Cannon Metering.


  1. Meter jumpers and couplings are sent prior to rough-in to be installed by onsite plumber as a placeholder until lines have been flushed and pressure tested.  Once lines are flushed, the contractor will remove the jumper and insert the pre-programmed meter/transmitter combo.
  2. Product is shipped pre-programmed, with unit number labels on each meter/transceiver combo so the onsite personnel can easily install as the schedule dictates.  
  3. Each meter/transceiver is programmed into the Gateway, so once the Gateway is powered up and connected to Ethernet or Cellular, meters will start checking in with daily reads.  
  4. A propagation map will be sent prior to installation so onsite personnel know where to install the Gateway and Repeaters (installation is simple - plug and play into standard 110v outlet).
  5. Onsite contractors will install meter/transmitters as needed during construction.
  6. A remote QC will be performed and supplied at the end of project, along with any recommendations.
  7. Cannon Metering will work with 3rd party or in-house personnel to ensure connectivity with Gateway so read information flows to the appropriate party.

Typical Costs (estimates only)

Cannon Metering Self Install Package Estimates

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