Package 3 - Turnkey (New Construction)

(typical installation of 3/4" cold water meters)

This is intended for clients who prefer to have a turnkey installation on a new development, in which all components are installed by a certified technician and/or contractor.  


  1. Meter jumpers and couplings are sent prior to rough-in to be installed by onsite plumber as a placeholder until lines have been flushed and pressure tested.
  2. Cannon Metering will supply a propagation map, detailing RF network component locations ahead of the installation to make sure the site has power where needed.
  3. A pre-installation meeting will be scheduled with site staff and any contractors involved to ensure proper communication and workflow.  
  4. Once lines are flushed, a Cannon Metering will send a certified technician will remove the jumpers and insert the pre-programmed. meter/transmitter combos  
  5. 3 weeks advance notice is required to schedule technicians and coordinate equipment deliveries as meter and/or RF installation is needed.
  6. Minimum of 25 units per installation visit.
  7. Cannon Metering will install all meters and transmitters.
  8. Cannon Metering will install all repeaters and Gateway.
  9. A final installation report and close out documents will be sent once completed, detailing all transmitter ID’s, meter reads and check-in dates.
  10. Cannon Metering will work with 3rd party or in-house personnel to ensure connectivity with Gateway so read information flows to the appropriate party.

Typical Costs (estimates only)

Cannon Metering Turnkey New Construction Package Estimates

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