Before purchasing gas, electric or BTU meters, it’s always good to take pause and think through the overall objectives and make sure the appropriate components are being metered. Many times, owners or builders invest in metering, only to discover further down the road that the meters aren’t meeting their overall objectives for various reasons.

For example: When installing electric meters on retail or residential units, are these electric meters capturing 100% of the energy used in the space, or are are we capturing lights and appliances only? By not capturing the costs of heating and cooling for example, overall recovery can be impacted by as much as 60%! These sorts of questions can make or break a metering project's success if they aren’t answered early on.

Keeping with the topic of capturing heating and cooling costs, it's is also important to make sure you recapture all of the costs associated with providing the energy for heating and cooling. For example, if you have a Central Heating or Cooling plant, there are charges associated with having heating and cooling available and distributing that energy. If BTU meters are installed only on the end-user spaces themselves, you can miss recovering the base costs of the Central Plant, which can be anywhere from 20-40% of the overall costs of running a Central Heating or Cooling plant.

The following example helps summarize one commonly used approach to recapture the costs of energy in a Central Plant situation:

Central Plant Recapture Energy Cost

Whether you’ve had issues with recovery in the past or are in the early planning stages, Cannon Metering can help you formulate a metering strategy for the long term so your overall recovery goals are achieved.

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