We are excited to share the news about new products coming to the market this year from two of our trusted partners: NextCentury and Next Meters. We recently sat down with the NextCentury team and learned all about the new products and are pleased to share some of the details with our clients.

NextCentury TR4-X

First, the new outdoor transceiver from NextCentury: TR4-X. The new TR4-X is outdoor rated and can be used in meter pit boxes or other outdoor applications without the need for a NEMA enclosure. The transceiver is a drop-in option for older systems, meaning it is compatible with all older systems currently in place.

The TR4-X works with both pulse and encoded gas, electric and water meters. The product has been in field testing for quite some time, and is in full production now, with delivery in our clients hands as early as April 2022. Contact us today to pre-order and reserve your product.

Download TR4-X Spec Sheet

NextCentury TR4 X

Next Meters NR4

The next exciting product is from Next Meters and is sure to be a game changer. Picture this: you have a community that already has water meters installed but without the needed output for wireless integration. You'd like to convert to an automated wireless system, without having to throw away the meters you have in place. With the new NR4, you can now accomplish this.

Next Meters NR4

The NR4 is a universal, programmable meter register, which means you can replace the existing meter register with the new NR4 and leave the meter itself in place. All you have to do is install the Radio Frequency network of repeaters and a gateway, and you have a fully automated wireless read system in place, without having to replace the manually read meters. Not only will this save money in equipment costs, but this will greatly reduce the cost of labor as well. This product is outdoor rated, and can also be read with any iOS or Android device, which means it can function as a walk-by or drive-by system as well, as opposed to the traditional fixed network using gateways and repeaters.

The NR4 is the most exciting product to come to market in a very long time, and we are pleased to start talking to our clients about it. These are currently deployed in field tests, which is the final stage prior to full product release. As usual with Next Meters, the product needs to go through rigorous field testing before being deployed, so we'll expect to see this product towards the end of 2022 or early 2023.

Download NR4 Spec Sheet


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