Water metering technology is evolving to address some of the challenges of legacy products, particularly in the Commercial and Industrial spaces. Traditionally, large water meters were designed for accuracy at high volumes, but not necessarily designed to provide accuracy at very low flows.

One solution to this problem in the past was the compound meter, which essentially provides two meters; one to register high flow and one to register low flow. This improved results, but still presented challenges with water loss at change-over between low and high flows, as well as increased maintenance costs. In addition to the accuracy concerns at low flow, traditional turbine-style meters also have a lot of moving parts which inherently wear out over time.

Master Meter has addressed the issues with legacy metering with the Octave product line. By utilizing ultrasonic technology, the Octave metering line gives the accuracy needed at low flow (as low as 1/16 GPM in 2-4” sizes and ¾ GPM in 6-8” sizes), while still exceeding the accuracy needs at high flows for commercial and industrial applications. In addition to improved low-flow accuracy, the meter has no moving parts which decreases meter maintenance costs and wear on the meter over time.

Some of the advantages with the Octave product line:

  • Low Flow Accuracy
  • Lightweight Design
  • Backflow, leak, tamper and flow alerts
  • Solid-state Design, no moving parts
  • No strainer required at install
  • Fully Submersible NEMA 6P/IP-68+ design

Customers utilizing the Octave product line are already seeing great results, with recovery improving up to 40% when replacing legacy metering components. The Newhall, CA case study is a great example of how investing in improved technology can offer a great ROI.

For more information about the Octave product line or to spec out the correct meter for your application, please contact us.