Pairing the latest LoRa Radio Frequency (LoRa RF) technology with the proven Flexible Axis Meter (FAM), Master Meter’s ReadMaster system is the ideal water submetering system for outdoor applications.

Featuring a 360-degree rotating meter register, the FAM is uniquely designed to be installed on the most challenging applications. An upright meter register is required for maximum meter longevity and accuracy. While other multijet meters require installation on a horizontal line to function properly, the FAM can be installed on any line orientation while maintaining an upright register.

Once deployed, the wireless integrated LoRa RF component automatically transmits meter readings to the Internet of Things (IOT) for storage and analytics. Access readings on-demand or set up automated reports for a billing company through Harmony, MasterMeter’s online web service.

The ReadMaster system is perfect for Manufactured Housing and Commercial applications where an outdoor product is required, and water lines are in various configurations. The system is currently being deployed in the tens of thousands across the country and Cannon Metering is proud to be leading the way in deployment. We offer turnkey installation of the ReadMaster system for communities without existing meters, or as a meter-swap in communities with existing outdated meters. Contact us to learn more about the ReadMaster system and product availability and scheduling.

Flexible Axis Meter provides easy installation and ensures maximum accuracy

The FAM meter is designed to provide 360-degree rotation of the meter register, which is very important for meter accuracy. Most multi-jet meters are not designed to be installed with the meter register facing various directions; the most common design is a horizontal install with the meter facing up.

Here is the problem: In real life applications, especially in Manufactured Housing and Commercial applications, you can see various orientations including horizontal, vertical and everything in between. Contractors typically install the meter however they can, and it is common to see the meter turned so it can be read by someone from a distance.  However, when turned in the incorrect orientation, the meter will appear to be functioning, but two primary things are likely happening

  1. The meter is probably not accurate and under capturing water use.
  2. The meter will wear out quicker, as there is more pressure put on the internal components.

This is where the FAM design is key, as the meter register will rotate 360 degrees, allowing for the meter to be installed on any line orientation, indoors or outdoors, with the meter facing up, ensuring longevity and accuracy of the meter.

Above Ground Riser Configuration

Above Ground Riser Configuration

Pit Box Application

Pit Box application

Maximum Service, Minimum Maintenance

The ReadMaster system competes on the bleeding edge of progress by integrating Long Range Radio Frequency (LoRa RF) technology into the meter register itself. By permanently sealing the system and including a 10-year battery life, the ReadMaster system boasts increased longevity and fewer failure points - reducing maintenance costs. External wires are eliminated, further bolstering the integrity of the meter system against weather conditions and normal interaction. The integrated LoRa technology is the latest upgrade in communication, transmitting a robust, long range signal to a central gateway to provide automatic, regular reads for use in billing and analytics. 

Next Generation Online Portal

In addition to the industry leading hardware solution, the system also comes with access to Harmony, MasterMeter’s leading online service. This portal provides granular reading data down to 6-hour intervals. Charts, graphs, and automatic alert systems give a powerful user experience, enabling your onsite management team to identify leaks, participate in water savings initiatives, check on meter health, reduce water waste, and save money remotely, automatically. Set up automatic notifications for your staff to be notified of leaks or log in and check the leak reports periodically as needed.

In-Portal Example: Consumption Map


The Optimum Solution for Metering Manufactured Homes

Tamper, freeze and leak alarms will protect your investment over the meter’s lifetime. Outdoor environments can be harsh and are rarely ideal, but MasterMeter’s ReadMaster system is the ideal solution for submetering manufactured homes.

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Whether you'd like to update your existing system or need a turnkey submetering package, Cannon Metering can help you get setup with the ReadMaster system.

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