Our complete packages pair the best meters with the best radio frequency product to give our clients a complete submetering system with no proprietary equipment or software and no hidden costs for data acquisition. All of our solutions utilize the industry-leading Next Century technology to transmit meter readings back to a central gateway and upload to the cloud automatically.

The Next Century system offers a game-changing combination of analytics and usability. The system is completely non-proprietary, meaning there are no special tools or software needed to make it work. The system can be installed and maintained with a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and the training is available online free of charge. This greatly improves serviceability and keeps costs down and means there are no tricks or hidden fees to worry about.

By pairing this system with the best meter(s) for your application, we create a product package that supplies industry leading analytics and data flow, and can be easily installed and maintained, even with existing site staff. Our goal is to offer a great product and make sure our customers know exactly what they are getting.

Cannon Metering currently offers four primary packages:

  1. Guided Self Install

  2. Self Install

  3. Turnkey - New Construction

  4. Turnkey - Retrofit

Due to the added complexity of gas, electric and BTU meter installations, the following packages and estimates apply to Water Submetering installations only.  The packages available for gas, electric and BTU meter installations are very similar but require a bit more information.  If you are interested in learning more or receiving pricing, please click here.

Below you will find a quick comparison chart of our primary packages. Please visit the individual package pages for more detailed descriptions as well as ballpark pricing to help your initial analysis.

Cannon Metering Package Comparison Chart