basketCannon Metering is happy to offer consulting services for clients who are looking for an independent expert to analyze existing metering conditions, compare bids or help prepare upcoming bids, RFPs or RFIs. We can offer meter testing options and general guidance regarding existing or future metering projects.

Over the course of the past 15 years, our teams have been responsible for installing hundreds of thousands of meters with wireless reading solutions. During that time we have seen a wide range in quality of product and workmanship depending on the situation and the organization(s) involved.

Whether it be a bid request for an individual project or a larger RFI/RFP, there is a lot of planning and thought required prior to bidding out a project. The process needs to begin with an understanding of what needs to be accomplished. For example, the bid request will be different depending on whether the meters will be used only for bill back purposes only (Conventional Meters), as opposed to more granular data needs for analytics (Smart Meters).

Once we establish the purpose of the metering project, it's important to discuss things like timeline expectations, existing infrastructure, upfront costs, warranty, ongoing maintenance options, data integration, data storage, QC, hand-off process, etc. - the list of items to think about is extensive but critical in the planning stage. Without proper planning, the results can be mixed, with expensive product options that either don’t meet needs or options that add unnecessary costs to a project.

By completing the proper planning in the beginning of the process, Cannon Metering can ensure you receive an apples-to-apples comparison of solutions. This will in turn lead to the right product/partner selection, and subsequently upfront and ongoing cost savings and performance.

Whether you are just starting the process, or already in the middle of a project and have concerns about deliverables, we can help with our Consulting Services. Please complete our Contact Form to request more information.