One of the fastest growing segments in the submetering industry is the Energy Management segment. While the focus of traditional submetering is to facilitate the bill back of utilities to residents or tenants, the Energy Management focus is to obtain critical data to help Energy Engineers and Sustainability Professionals better understand energy and water consumption patterns.

Submetering is being utilized to reduce triple-net tenant utility costs, enable supply procurement contracts, provide ESG data, manage vacant spaces, create tenant/resident utility cost billbacks, improve equipment efficiency, and of course ensure compliance with local benchmarking laws and green finance requirements. Whether the intent is to optimize system performance, calculate recovery ratios or analyze overall building data, we can help customize an approach that works to help you meet your Energy Management goals.

To accomplish these goals, Cannon Metering is proud to partner with EZ Meter, who, along with Next Century, has created a first of its kind, electric submeter and radio in one package combo product! Commonly used to monitor multi-family housing, RV Parks, Marinas, this feature rich product has so much more to offer. Modbus Energy Management data wirelessly transmitted? Yes, it is finally available!

Whether you have a manufacturing facility, warehouse, office building, or residential application, the submetering experts at Cannon Metering and EZ Meter will work together to bring all your water and energy data into one portal for you to analyze in a way that makes sense for your project.

We pair EZ Meter Electric meters and reporting packages with the best Gas, BTU, and Water meters on the market to offer a complete package for any project. We can tie meters into your existing Building Management System or central data collection device, or offer a stand-alone data collection and reporting package, or both. Please click here to let us know a little about your project and we’ll be happy to reach out to you to help customize a plan for you.

EZ Meter Electric Meter


Revenue Grade Accuracy, Met Labs (NRTL)Verified Accuracy to ANSI C12.1/2 (Ref # EMC127206-ANSI), FCC 2A8EC-TR4 / IC 28950-TR4 Embedded Radio Transciever – 902-928 MHz wireless communication, KWH or full Energy Management Data (volts, amps, power factor, frequency, polarity, wH, KVA, Kvar, demand) provided wirelessly, flush mount or surface mount enclosure options, up to 1600 amps, solid or split core current transformers, configurable for single, dual or 3 phase output.


Highly customizable for several different applications with one meter. UL certified safety, meter meets ANSI C12.2 accuracy requirements, CA Revenue Grade tested and approved, CA Solar Initiative approved meter, Hawaii Energy Rebate partner, BOS-4 product meets ASHRAE 90.2 Code Requirements. Multiple Meter Unit (MMU) options up to 12 meters per NEMA 4X Enclosure for easy and affordable install. BOS-4 is a four unit self contained enclosure for ASHRAE Code Requirements.


We are proud to announce the strategic partnerships with Meter Technology Werks as our National Distributor and NextCentury Radio to bring you this product line. This new embedded solution is the first of its kind to the industry capable of serving the billing and energy management sector. The new turnkey solution fits perfectly in the flush/surface mount enclosure kit.

Meter Technical Specifications

Meter Model Series M3 RGB EZ Meter - 1, 2 or 3 wire system, single, dual or 3 phase, 120V to neutral per line, up 3200 amp, with pulse output or Modbus communication, solid or split core capable CT’s, resolution can be full 1.0 KWH or 0.1 KWH

NextCentury Radio Specs: FCC 2A8EC-TR4 | IC 28950-TR4

  • 902-928 MHz wireless, unlicensed band
  • Advanced two-way communication
  • Redundant software and hardware encryption
  • Automatic route discovery and optimization