At Cannon Metering, we work diligently to bring the most innovative submetering and monitoring solutions available on the market to our clients. While submetering is the most obvious way to recover revenue and provide data for analysis, it is not the only tool in our toolbag to help our building owners, engineers and managers protect their investment. Meet the new Leak Sensor from NextCentury.

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NextCentury Leak Sensor

The Leak Sensor is capable of detecting water and sending audible alerts in addition to cloud-managed alerts and notifications. The Leak Sensor’s wireless communication is built on the industry-leading NextCentury Connect™ network and is compatible with the full family of NextCentury wireless devices. This means we can add in leak sensors to your new water, gas or electric submetering systems, or we can set up only Leak Sensors as their own stand-alone product, with the ability to add submetering devices to the same system at a later date.

  • Add leak sensors during new construction to prevent major damage to units when leaks occur during construction. Protect your turn over schedule, liability and bottom line by stopping those leaks before they cause major water damage.
  • Add Leak Sensors to your community in places where major water damage is known to occur so that your staff is notified when a leak starts.

Common Leak Locations

Not only can leak sensors compliment an existing submetering system by adding an additional level of protection, but they can be an excellent option in situations where submetering is not in place. Leak Detection devices are extremely valuable in these situations because with residents or tenants not being responsible for payment of their own water consumed, there is little motivation to watch for leaks.

Leak Sensor Installation Components

Bottom Line: Without a proper leak detection notification, leaks can go unnoticed for days or weeks, or until the monthly water bill comes in, which is typically too late to stop major water damage which is expensive to repair. Leak Sensors are a great way to limit your liability from water damage and protect your investment.