If you are in the Property Management business, the last thing you want your staff focusing on is the submetering. Cannon Metering can work with your in-house staff or your 3rd party billing company to make sure you have the right submetering systems in place at your communities to maximize your utility revenue recovery.

Cannon Metering offers automated submetering solutions for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Manufactured Housing
  • RV Parks and Marinas
  • Retail/Commercial
  • Industrial

Take the work off your staff

One of the most frustrating things for Property Management companies is spending time working on the submetering systems. The submetering component should be a small piece of your staff’s time, as they need to focus on leasing and taking care of residents. If you have the incorrect submetering system in place, it can be just the opposite, as metering issues can cause major headaches and pain points for resident dissatisfaction.

Let’s make sure that tending to your submetering system doesn’t get in the way of your core business.  Cannon Metering designs our systems to require minimal maintenance and offer maximum accuracy over time. The goal is to have to enter tenant or resident spaces as little as possible, while recovering the correct amount of water or energy used in each space.

Quality Matters

There are many different metering options offered out there, and many of these are manufactured with very poor quality. We know this because we’ve run across these in the field, we’ve been brought in to repair systems, and in many cases, we’ve had to completely replace systems within only a couple of years of the community investing in the technology.

In addition, we’ve seen certain systems under-recover or over-recover consumption because of the poor design or incorrect installation of the product. This means that even though the meters appear to be working, they might be functioning incorrectly and billing incorrectly, which could cause major headaches down the road. There are very specific laws in each state surrounding submetering, and the most important is this; bill accurately, using accurate meters, or you risk potential issues. Get the wrong meter, or install the correct meter incorrectly, and you could end up billing a resident too much (violating regulations) or billing too little (losing revenue for ownership).

Submetering is a great way to empower your residents or tenants to conserve and save money if they choose to. Let Cannon Metering help make sure you are choosing the right technology to help support your sustainability efforts so you can reap the benefits for years to come.