Whether you are a Sustainability Director or Analyst, ESG Reporting Manager, or a wide range of other professionals focused on sustainability and green initiatives, selecting the correct submeters to capture accurate data is paramount to the success of your program.  
Meters are designed for specific applications, longevity and accuracy, and need to be selected carefully when supporting any sort of system. Clearly, selecting a poor quality, inaccurate meter can result in inaccurate usage data collection, but also installing a high quality meter incorrectly or in the incorrect application can result in its own set of headaches from inaccurate data. Inaccurate usage data can wreak havoc to your sustainability scores, and can be very difficult to identify in the data once a program is rolled out.  
In general, there has become more and more need for accurate data in the sustainability world, and we expect this need for granular data to continue to increase in the years to come. Just to name a few, here are some examples of situations when metering data becomes critical for our clients:
  • Aggregating data to support green initiatives to reduce environmental footprint 
  • Capturing whole building data (including triple net tenants) 
  • Enabling building performance monitoring
  • Fulfilling Energy Star Benchmarking requirements  
  • Improving ESG scores by adding submeters as opposed to estimating tenant and resident consumption 
  • Fulfilling HUD green loan reporting requirements which requires 100% metered consumption.  
  • Managing facility space efficiency
While we aren't experts in implementing all of these sustainability programs, we are absolutely experts in helping you build the foundation to these programs by selecting the correct meter for the correct application. We'd welcome the opportunity to partner with you to be your metering experts as you press forward into the ever changing landscape of sustainability.