The term “Smart Metering” has become more mainstream in recent years, and while it may not be necessary in certain situations, it is helpful to have an understanding of the options available should the need arise.

As opposed to traditional Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) equipment which report daily readings for billing purposes, Smart Metering aims to capture more granular or even “real time” data for purposes such as peak demand or time of use billing. Typically, Smart Metering is associated with electric metering, but there are some uses for additional data in water and gas metering as well (i.e. leak detection).

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When installing meters for tenant bill-back purposes, Smart Metering is normally not required, as most 3rd party billing methodologies do not incorporate advanced billing methodologies requiring things such as interval data or load profile data. When installing gas, electric and water meters for tenant bill-back purposes, we recommend wireless AMR solutions which strike a balance between additional data and analytics, user friendly reporting tools and long term supportability of hardware. Visit our Automatic Meter Reading Solutions page to read more about our options.

If your metering program does require additional data for billing purposes or analytics, Cannon Metering has partnerships with industry leaders in Smart Metering and can work with you to design a system that fits your application and approach. Complete our Contact Form to request additional information regarding our Smart Metering Options.