Clients we speak with are typically in one of two categories; either a) Looking for a simple way to buy meters they already know they need or b) Deciding whether or not to meter and how to accomplish their goals for an existing community or an upcoming new construction build. Depending on which category you fall in, the purchasing path could vary. In this article we’ll discuss the two different situations and how these can be approached.

Already know you need meters?

If you’ve already decided to purchase gas, electric or water meters for your project, this process is simple using our online store and filters. The online purchase option is great for projects in which the meter requirement is already called out in the construction plans or needed for replacement of an existing meter. Simply select the filters that apply to your project and the system will recommend the right product(s) for you.

For example, if your plans call for a 1.5” outdoor water meter on a horizontal cold water line, you would use visit our Water Meter page and select the following filters from the lefthand side of the screen: Line Fitting Size: 1.5”>Type: Cold Water>Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor>Orientation: Horizontal, and the recommended product(s) available for online purchase will appear.

Select the meter(s) you need, add them to your cart, and place your order online. We’ll update you on the delivery of your purchase and be here to answer any questions should you need technical support.

Still trying to decide whether or not to meter?

If you are still in the planning stages and considering a comprehensive submetering plan for your site there are likely more factors to consider before buying meters. Purchasing the correct meter is only one part of the equation and does not guarantee a successful project. This is where Cannon Metering can help in developing a strategy. Start by answering these questions first:

1. Why are we metering this project?

  • Leak Detection?
  • Conservation?
  • Revenue Recovery/NOI improvement/Cost Reduction?
  • Regulatory Requirements?

2. Is the property a long or short term hold? (This might drive meter longevity requirements)

3. What data requirements exist?

  • Daily data for billing purposes or more granular data (1 hour or 15 minute)
  • What are our reporting needs?
  • Do we need to auto-import into another system?

Next, we drill down further in to more project-specific questions such as:

1. Are we integrating with any existing submetering or BAS/BMS system? (This might drive our meter selection)

2. Where do we need meters?

  • Tenant or Resident spaces/units
  • Irrigation
  • Common Areas
  • Central Boilers or Chillers
  • Parking garages
  • Outdoor water faucets
  • Pools

3. Where should we place meters?

  • Are the meters going inside apartments or tenant spaces?
  • What are the line sizes, voltage/amps/phasing, pressure requirements, etc.?
  • Are the meters outdoors or indoors?
  • Accessibility for future maintenance needs to be considered.
  • What regulatory requirements exist regarding meter accessibility?

4. Who will be performing maintenance on the meters long term?

  • 3rd party company?
  • In-house maintenance staff?

As you can see, there are many factors to be considered in the planning phase of a metering project. Cannon Metering can work with you to tailor a plan specific to your project that meets your metering objectives. This could be as simple as a phone conversation, email communication or an in person meeting, but in any case we’d like to be a part of helping you develop a strategy that works for you. Fill out our Contact Form or call us at 501-693-9852.